Why is the NFL More Popular Than College Football?

While it’s true that the NFL is better than college football, there are also several reasons that make college football more interesting. For starters, college football teams often have better players than the NFL, so you can bet that viewers will prefer college games over the NFL’s. Additionally, the college game has a deeper tradition and more meaningful rivalries. College football also has more subtle defensive breakdowns, and the big plays are rampant. In comparison, NFL quarterbacks don’t have nearly as many of them.

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The NFL has a huge fan base, too. According to the ESPN pool, there are 160 million NFL fans in the USA. A recent Associated Press survey found that 49 percent of Americans watch the NFL. Overall, the NFL has 410 million fans worldwide, with 39% of them living in the USA. Despite this massive fan base, college football is still a popular sport in the US. In fact, the NFL is the most popular sport in the United States.

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Although college football is more popular, it is still better than the NFL. College football teams are often the backbones of their cities, and they’ve been a staple of entertainment for generations. While the NFL can compete with tradition and fanaticism, it simply cannot match the passion that college football fans feel for their favorite teams. And while college football teams can provide great stadium experience, the NFL has the most professional athletes on the planet at their physical peak.

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