Why is Space Cold and the Planets Warm?

The sun radiates radiation into space. But the temperatures of the planets and space are very different. The temperature on Earth varies from -126 degrees Fahrenheit to -88 degrees Celsius. But in space, the temperature is comparatively less. Besides, the planets are much larger. Hence, it is possible that some of the planets are hotter than others.

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The moon, for example, has a temperature of -410 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature on the other hand, reaches 240 degrees Fahrenheit (or 204 degrees Celsius) on the daytime. This is because the moon has an atmosphere, unlike planets, which have no atmospheres. The atmosphere on earth evens out the temperature on planets. The planets also contain a high amount of water and gas, which help them retain heat and remain liquid.

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Because the atmosphere of a planet is largely made of carbon dioxide, Venus’ surface temperature is extremely high. At its hottest points, Venus can reach a temperature of more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit, while its surface temperature is only 100 degrees at night. This temperature is so extreme that lead can melt. As you can see, the temperatures of planets and space stations are quite different.

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