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What Does a Free Size Bra Mean?

You might be wondering what a “free size” bra means, and if you are eligible to receive one, you need to know the correct way to measure yourself. To find your bra size, place a measuring tape across the upper part of your bust. Make sure the tape is level and snug around your bust, and add 4 inches for even numbers. Odd numbers are equivalent to 5 inches, and the fullest part of your chest is measured at the nipple level. Then, subtract the measured band size from the bust measurement to get the cup size.

The bra band should fit snugly around your rib cage, and the back should not ride up or ride down in any direction. It should not have a gap of more than two inches. It should also allow you to move freely without fear of the bra slipping or riding up. There are several methods to measure your bust, including using a tape measure and a measuring cup. If your bust measurement falls outside of these guidelines, you are most likely buying a bra with incorrect fit.

The underbust +4 method uses the same basic steps as the underbust +0 method, but the tape is wound tightly around your torso under your bust. Then, multiply the odd and even measurements by four or five to determine your bra size. However, this method has been the subject of a “war on plus four” campaign since 2011 when proponents argued that it was inaccurate and did not fit the majority of women duysnews .

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