Virginia Beach Workers’ Compensation: How Long Do You Have to Report Your Injury and File a Claim

Virginia Beach workers who suffered workplace injuries or conditions may seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, this is only possible if they report the accident and file a workers’ comp claim within a period the law specifies. Not reporting and filing on time can result in a denial of their claim. If you are injured on the job and want to avoid delays in your filing, you should consider working with an experienced Virginia Beach work injury attorney. The right attorney will prepare all necessary paperwork diligently and can file a claim for you before the deadline. 

How Much Time Do You Have to Report a Job Injury?

Workplace accidents or injuries must be reported to the employer. Under the law, the injured worker must make a Notice of Accident. Workers who sustained injuries on the job should give their employer written notice of the accident right away or within a reasonable period. 

Employees in Virginia Beach have thirty days from the date they got injured to notify their employer about the injury. Their written notice must include details such as the worker’s name, contact information ipick, the cause of the accident, the accident location and date, and the worker’s body party that suffered injuries. The notice is meant to provide the employer with enough time to carry out an investigation of what took place during the job accident and make sure the injured worker gets proper medical care wordupmagazine. If the injury is not reported promptly, the worker won’t get prompt medical attention and assistance.

Workers’ Compensation Time Limits

Again, workplace injuries or illnesses need to be reported to the employer within thirty days from the injury. Then, the employer has ten days to file a report of the injury to the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. Claims for lifetime medical benefits, temporary total disability, temporary partial disability webvan, and wage replacement should be filed within two years. Claims for a permanent partial and total disability should be filed within three years. If you want to seek additional indemnity or wage loss benefits due to a change in your condition, you have two years from the last award payment to file a claim. In addition, there are some disease-specific time limits to observe weblo. For instance, you just have two years following a diagnosis to claim workers’ comp benefits for occupational diseases like hearing loss, mold exposure, carpal tunnel syndrome, and asbestosis. Your worker’s comp attorney should be able to help you understand more about these time limits anxnr

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