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The History of Fashion Design

If you’re interested in the history of fashion design, you’re probably wondering when the first clothes were made. In fact, the history of the fashion industry goes back over one hundred years! In the nineteenth century, the French Revolution gave us the modern dress code, and by the twentieth century, women were wearing dresses with bell-shaped hats and wide skirts. Today, however, women’s fashion is much more varied, and the styles have evolved considerably since then.

The 1910s in the history of fashion design ushered in the S-bend silhouette, which accentuated the waist and made the figure slimmer. A number of top designers, including Jeanne Paquin, Jacques Doucet, and Mariano Fortuny, became prominent during this period. World War I put a stop to these elaborate dressing styles and practical dresses became more popular. But the 1920s saw a return to the more feminine look.

Students are then taught about the history of fashion design and given the task of choosing an era in history. They then research the era and select software to display their research. They can create a brochure, a presentation, or even a video using Web 2.0 tools, free software, and Microsoft Office. Students work individually or in small groups and present their work to the class. Creating a multimedia presentation is a great way to showcase student learning and creative thinking.

After the Norman invasion, England’s fashion underwent a dramatic change. Clothing became closer-fitting and more elegant. Men wore tight-fitting linen or wool hoses and short tunics. Women wore long-sleeved gowns and big skirts. The style of clothing also changed dramatically. Short jackets replaced tunics and over-padded garments were popular. Even the clothes were more fashionable than they are today.

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