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How to Use a Fashion to Figure Size Chart

If you’re looking to buy a new style of dress, you may want to consult a fashion to figure size chart. These charts are available on many brands’ websites and list waist, hip and bust measurements. While a size chart is an indispensable resource, many sizes are inconsistent and difficult to locate online. If you’re in a hurry, you can print out the chart on your computer and refer to it when you’re in the store.

A vanity size is a style trend in which a brand makes its clothing a little smaller than it actually is. This is done deliberately in an attempt to make a customer feel better about her figure. The fashion industry has long used this tactic, and brand size charts continue to use smaller numbers because women tend to buy more clothing in this manner. In the process, they also take fit into account, as well as design. It’s a shame that the practice continues to remain so prevalent in the industry, but it has its benefits.

A recent study of 100 young women’s body measurements revealed a wide range of disparity between the two, so the size charts must be more accurate to reflect the real figures of women who wear these garments. While it’s a common misconception, a standard size chart is a very useful tool for comparing garment sizes. You can also use the guide to convert a standard size chart to a plus size. There are even guides for different types of clothing.

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