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How to Create Instagram Guides 2022

Instagram Guides allow you to repurpose your posts in new ways, and provide information that users need to know. They are becoming increasingly important for Instagram SEO Rarbgweb. As Instagram introduces broad keywords into its search algorithm, Guides will become even more valuable to brands. They will give you the opportunity to innovate without overloading your followers’ feeds.

You can create your own Instagram Guides using any word processing or photo editing program Muctau. Just make sure to save your files in landscape mode with a 1080-pixel width. If you’re using PowerPoint, create the slides in 16:9 aspect ratio to fit the dimensions of your guide. If you’re creating a visual guide, you can also include the Instagram account URL so that users can click through directly Newshunttimes.

Once you’ve created your Instagram Guides, you’ll be able to find them on your profile and share them in stories or direct messages. The app will also curate user-created product guides and publish them in its Instagram store for others to share. This way, you can learn about new products from people you may not have otherwise found


If you’re looking to create an Instagram Guide, make sure to create a topic you’re passionate about. Guides are also great ways to share behind-the-scenes stories. This format also allows you to share step-by-step instructions on a specific topic

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