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How to Change the Microphone Permission on Alexa

One way to set the microphone permission on Alexa is to install the app. This allows the voice assistant to hear what you’re saying and make suggestions. If you don’t want to be bothered by the app, you can also set up Drop In. This feature lets Echos automatically connect to each other, working like an intercom system. You can turn this feature on, but make sure that it only works within your household. This feature can also be turned off and restricted to certain contacts. The Contacts Menu will list all of the contacts you’ve selected. Alternatively, you can remove Drop In permissions from the Contacts Menu.

Changing the microphone permission will allow you to use your phone’s microphone with Alexa, but you should be aware that some devices may require you to authorize permission before listening to you. It’s best to consult the user’s manual for details. Alternatively, you can enable the microphone permission in your Alexa app by tapping the ‘Enable’ button. Once enabled, ask Alexa to listen to your voice and respond to your command.

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